Sarah Palin *hearts* Jews for Jesus

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While not necessarily true, the reports are leaking out: Sarah Palin is a little more, uh, fundamentalist, than her “pit bull in lipstick” image would have us imagine. A history of recorded sermons at Gov. Palin’s church gives a curious and frightening taste of some of the social and religious views to which they subscribe. Edit: the Wasilla Assembly of God church site was shut down, ostensibly because of excess bandwidth.

And two weeks ago, David Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus, delivered the sermon. It doesn’t make her a missionary or a militia member, as some commentators are now proposing, but it does indicate a certain agenda that she keeps in close quarters — for instance, when Brickner advocates that the violence in the Middle East is a direct result of the Jews’ refusal to accept You-Know-Who as their savior.

“Judgment is very real and we see it played out on the pages of the newspapers and on the television. It’s very real. When [Brickner's son] was in Jerusalem he was there to witness some of that judgment, some of that conflict, when a Palestinian from East Jerusalem took a bulldozer and went plowing through a score of cars, killing numbers of people. Judgment — you can’t miss it.”

The pastor at Palin’s church, who invited Brickner to speak, reminded press that Palin’s views on converting Jews are not necessarily the same as Brickner’s. However, given her bewildering statement that building the Alaska pipeline was God’s will, it indicates something we maybe should be watching. And, after the right played up Obama’s membership in the church of Jeremiah Wright, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Gov. Palin’s church harbors more than a lingering interest in an organization whose purported goal is to convert as many Jews to Christianity as possible.

Posted on September 4, 2008

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30 thoughts on “Sarah Palin *hearts* Jews for Jesus

  1. msieger

    I am a Jewish believer in Jesus. I’m glad that you included a link for readers to see the transcript of of what David Brickner of Jews for Jesus actually said. Your quote of one paragraph of the six-page transcript of his message gives the false impression that he is saying that a bulldozer attack by a deranged Palestinian is God’s judgment on the Jewish people. Here is a more direct link to the message than the one you provided:

    Please read it so that you can see Brickner’s remarks in context. While you’re at it, please take a look at the discussion concerning Mr. Brickner’s message at the Jews for Jesus website,

    Among other things, Brickner says, “My mother always told me, ‘Be careful when you point a finger at somebody else, because there’s some pointing back at you.’ And really, Israel has not cornered the market on unbelief. Israel is an example of what all humanity has been saying to God since the beginning of time, shaking its fists at the heavens and saying, ‘You’ll not rule over us.’ And so all of the controversy that we see swirling in Jerusalem is really a mirror that the world looks in to see the controversy within . . . . It’s the dilemma of the human heart.�

    Brickner is saying that without forgiveness of sins, which he (and I) believe only comes through Jesus’ sacrificial death for us, there will be judgment – not just for Jews, but for all mankind.


  2. samarabaruch

    Anyone more concerned about Obama’s background than Palin having some appreciation for the Jewish culture & people?
    I think there may be trouble in the future with the way he was raised to believe.
    Have you read his book The Audacity of Hope?

    Here is a quote from that book:
    ’I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’
    I’m concerned about the future of the Jewish people more than I am the economy.

  3. The Doctor

    And I would also stand with the Muslims if the political winds turn in an ugly direction, i.e. if people in this country start mistreating Moslems based on their being a minority religion. My business partner in the fall of 2001 was a very nice man with a wife, 3 kids, a friendly attitude, never a mean thought, and a prayer rug under his desk. I saw the fear in his eyes for himself and his family after 9/11 when people were calling for “action” against moslems because they were all terrorists. I stood with him then, offering any help needed if things got ugly and I would do it again. I don’t interpret Obama’s words as relating to the Israel-Arab conflict, I see them as a stand against bigotry IN THIS COUNTRY.

    Aren’t we the ones who wished someone would have stood with us when the political winds turned in an ugly direction in 1932 in Germany?

  4. clara1


    I agree with you. The temples and synagogues in Knoxville and surounding areas went out of their way to help and stand up for Muslims after 9/11. Every religion has its terrorists even the xians==which i believe is the fundamentalist. (I don’t know about the Jews.)

    I voted early for Obama–I don’t four more years of Bushism and having to watch Palin do her antics. I’ve said before that if someone put up a stripper pole that she would start stripping.


  5. Ezekah

    [clara1]I’ve said before that if someone put up a stripper pole that she would start stripping.

    Did you think this about Hilary?

  6. clara1


    NO. Hillary is not an idiot teenie-bopper without a brain in her head.

    Hillary, as you should have noticed is very intelligent and learned.

    Palin at 45 should be more adult. Even though I am a comic, I know when to act like an adult–the vice-presidency is an adult position.

    I know that you will agree that Hillary respects her position.

    Can’t you tell between the difference between idiot Palin and intellectual Hillary? EVINDENTLY NOT.


  7. Ezekah

    So all you’ve got is mud-slinging and insults.

    Actually Palin is the most experienced one of the four. She is currently governor of a state. That is the closest experience to being a president. Being a senator isn’t even close. Being a community activist isn’t even in the same ball park.

  8. clara1


    Haven’t you read what being govenor of Alaska is like, it’s play school. Bush was governor of Texas, but people don’t know that Bush is only one of three who is in charge of Texas. The other two are elected and may be of any party, so Bush had to work with the other two especially if they were democrates. This is the situation Palin is in–she’s hasn’t a brain–well mayby a dribble of a brain so she can find the pole.

    As a 63 year old woman, I am insulted that McCain chose teeny-bopper Palin. And, my Dr, who is a conservative Jew and many other Jews want Obama. McCain is a continuation of Bush==remember he “voted 90% with Bush.” As a person on Social Security Disability and at this time live among the poor, I’ve had enough of Bush and his ilk.

    In the year 2000, I made over $100,000 a year as a Computer Engineer, after my job was outsourced, I became ill. so now I make just enough to live on but not enough to have my teeth fixed, or have therapy on my arm after I fell and i owe hundreds to DRs.



  9. clara1

    So all you’ve got is mud-slinging and insults.

    Actually Palin is the most experienced one of the four. She is currently governor of a state. That is the closest experience to being a president. Being a senator isn’t even close. Being a community activist isn’t even in the same ball park.

    I’ve been reading and I only do mud-slinging and insults when I know the facts, which you don’t know

    No Being governor of Alaska is not even close to being a president and Senators are the ones with the brains. Who is the community activist?

  10. clara1

    By the way, Ez, Hilary didn’t act ditzy like she was a want-to-be stripper.

    Yes, I think Palin is a f***ing idiot. There is nothing professional about her, but Hilary is a professional. She had the learning (lawyer), training (lawyer and wife of a president), and the dignity.


  11. Ezekah

    Well, Clara, you are being very professional using the f-word about someone. /sarcasm off
    That I disagree with you doesn’t prove that I don’t know the facts. I really expected better from you Clara. Do you truly think being governor of Alaska is so much more inferior than being governor of Georgia, governor of Arkansas, or a community activist. Please explain how a community activist is more qualified to be President than a governor of any state.

  12. The Doctor

    I’m not going to get into the “who’s experienced” nonsense [since that’s comparing apples, oranges, and moose-apples] but I do know that anyone running for vice-president who is so ignorant of the Constitution that she says repeatedly that the VP runs the Senate [according to the constitution the VP’s only duty vis-a-vis the senate is to cast tie-breaking votes] and who has difficulty managing any interview where she hasn’t seen the questions ahead of time [like Putin would give her a script a day before?] isn’t ready for the job. She may be shrewd, and she may have been able to manage a budget [one that always has a surplus, I might point out], but there is no question in my mind she is not capable at this time of taking on the job of being the President’s understudy [and with a 71 year old running mate that has to be the primary consideration].

    My disagreement with her on many of the primary issues is a secondary matter. I have disagreements with Condaleeza Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Christine Whitman, but I acknowledge they have the knowledge and skill set to step up to the plate if needed. I don’t get that feeling from Palin.

    The fact that she may or may not be stripper-licious is not an issue for me [frankly I think Hillary is far from hideous, McCain is a reasonably un-ugly guy, and Obama has a certain charm] but I would have hoped that after Bush Sr. admitted that Dan Quayle was picked solely to get the votes of women [who would turn off their brains and vote with their gonads the minute they saw a handsome man] we would stop taking physical appearance into account for a job that does not involve an evening gown competition.

  13. The Doctor

    In any case, the important thing tomorrow is to vote. As a local rabbi said last week after refusing to make an endorsement [mindful of his organization’s tax-exempt status] we send a dangerous message when we send our armies around the world spreading the gospel of democracy but less than half of us get off our lazy tuchases to actually participate in the process…

    Vote early, vote often. vote with your feet, as long as you vote!

  14. Ezekah

    Yes, Doc. We’ve got to vote. We can’t let the Jewish vote ever be considered unimportant.

    I voted last Wednesday. It was perfect timing. There had been lines out the door everyday. Upon leaving work, I went straight there and no lines! There were just about a dozen people ahead of me inside the building. Only about a 10 minute wait.

    Just one more day and we can’t stop hearing incessant coverage of the election … and start having election fraud coverage.

  15. Ezekah


    I think both parties already have loads of material ready to send to press for any state that they lose.

  16. clara1


    I voted early on Wednesday too. As for my cussing, it comes with working for the fortune 500 companies. I can cuss to make a Marine bulsh and have to protect myself. I agree with Doc about Palin–she doesn’t know what’s going on in the government–things that i learned in school and have forgotten.

    I do not appologize for my cussing.


  17. mbczion


    Well today’s the day. May the best candidate win. I want to wish all my friends and family in America a better future, whoever wins.

    מנחם בן צבי הכהן

  18. ulster

    Shalom from Northern Ireland, i wish i could vote over there in the States. Obama must get in. I know many americans have a fairly myopic view of world affairs and live between their borders so to speak, but you should know the abject damage that the Republicans have done to a country that all of us used to look up to.

    Ok i was personally worried about Obama until he spoke to AIPAC, then i was ressassured. Then Palin surfaced and to tell you the truth she terrifies me.

    I hope obama gets in, not just for the US but for the leverage he could bring to the Peace Process in Israel. I will be glued to the TV tonight.

  19. Obed Edom

    With respect, You might want to read the Constitution again sir. The VP “presides” over the Senate. In resent years the VP has only been used to break voting ties. And, in fact the only time the VP has a vote is in the situation of a tie. But, the Job discription is somewhat more. The VP does not serve at the Presidents pleasure, As does the Cabinet, but is an elected official with a job discription outlined in the Constition. Webster defines “preside” as to direct; to occupy the principal place, as in a meeting. It is the root word of the word “President” thus the title Vice President.

  20. The Doctor

    And with all due respect to Obed, anyone who has reviewed the rules of the Senate knows that the ONLY function of the VP is to gavel the body to order and adjournment and to break a tie. S/he does not have any other enumerated duties. Anyone who follows the news knows that when Mr. Cheney claimed to not be a member of the Executive Branch due to the clause referring to his presiding over the Senate, he was roundly denounced as being incorrect. The VP does not serve at the President’s pleasure but that has absolutely nothing to do with the question of the job description which is to “preside” over the senate, break ties, and be available should the President be unable to perform his/her duties. All other job assignments are strictly at the President’s discretion and if the President thinks that the VP stinks as a good-will ambassador, s/he has every right to take the assignment away. S/he can’t fire the VP but s/he has discretion to give them something to do.

    Bottom line, if Ms. Palin thought that the VP “runs” the Senate, she didn’t do her basic homework; she only read over Cheney’s notes.

    And it’s moot now, as she’s heading back to Alaska until the next election cycle.

  21. The Doctor

    furthermore there’s no evidence Obama is working “against Jewish interests.” That’s bluster and propaganda. And infanticide is not what he’s for; he’s for a woman’s right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy especially if her health is at issue. Go back and review Jewish law as it regards the status of an unborn infant vs a living woman. All non-extremist halacha I have reviewed on this are in agreement that a fetus that has not yet breathed air has special status but is not equivalent to a born human. Infanticide is the murder of a living born human and using this term in this setting is inflammatory and misleading.

    A Torah believer is best directed to Shemot, just after the receiving of the ten commandments. I believe the specific line is “if a man pushes down a pregnant woman and she loses the infant he owes her compensation. if he pushes her down and she dies, he is responsible for a murder.” clearly showing that the two are not equvalent.

    That’s how a Torah observant Jew can see that a living woman’s health is considered a higher priority than an unborn fetus which is not considered a human with equal rights until it is born.

  22. Obed Edom

    I understand that the Jewish community voted 2 out of 3 for Obama and the Democrate agenda. I’m beyond angry with the Republicans and the outcome of the last 8 years. But, someone please explain to me how one votes for a man that appears to be against Jewish interests? And, secondly how does one support the Democratic agenda that promotes infantacide. As a Torah believer how does one reconcile those opposing beliefs?

  23. clara1


    You put things so precisely. I wouldn’t be so bold as to tell another woman that she can’t have a baby for whatever the reason. I belonged to NOW and walked the women into the clinic while the xians tried to stop them. (That was before the killing of Drs and volunteers started.) One of the young women I worked with was married, had a child–she and her husband were out of jobs–she was taking precautions but got pregnant. She had an abortion and she was so sad.

    If Obama were Muslim, it wouldn’t matter to me. I have worked with Muslims and had discussions with them about G-d and our beliefs–not trying to convert anyone (I was still xian). In Knoxville after 9/11 i met a Muslim family–one day I called to talk to the young mother/wife. She was crying because an xian had acousted (sp) her in a store about her religion. As i’ve said the Jews in this community helped the Muslims because they were being mistreated and we certainly know about that.

    Thanks Doc,

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