Am I Supposed to Feel Bad? I Just Don’t Know…

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Bernie Madoff related stories are always tough to read, especially when it comes to Jewish organizations that he has ruined or severely damaged. But this time, I’m just not sure.

Golf Week Magazine has a feature this week detailing the demise of the private Jewish golf clubs in Long Island. While Madoff is not the sole reason for the membership drop in these exclusive clubs, the article admits that a lot of these clubs members were severely hit in the Madoff scandal.

But should we feel bad about this? Many of these clubs were initially created because Jews weren’t allowed into the main golf clubs. But today, that just isn’t relevant. I’m sure there are some clubs that Jews still aren’t allowed into but for the most part, Jews get access to pretty much anything they want, ESPECIALLY Jews who can afford private golf club membership.

So I say, boo hoo. So exclusive, high end clubs are losing money. I’m actually kind of happy about it. Call me a Communist. I dare you.

Posted on June 25, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Am I Supposed to Feel Bad? I Just Don’t Know…

  1. The Doctor

    Comrade Jeremy,

    While I agree with you in principle, I find myself a little troubled. Is the only reason for doing things as Jews together that we are not allowed to do them with others?

    I wouldn’t belong to a country club in any case, but the fact that I could probably get into the [previously restricted] one doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t want a venue where I could get together with Jews in an environment where we could talk freely and not feel obliged to either watch what we say or stop to explain what the heck cholent is.

  2. Jeremy Moses Post author

    You’re right Doc. If I had to choose a country club, I would probably join a Jewish one.

    But all I’m saying is that for all the things that the economy has damaged, the closing of private golf clubs is low on my list of things I care about.

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