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As you have probably noticed, things are looking a little different at Mixed Multitudes — and, generally.

Indeed, this morning we launched the redesigned site we’ve been working on for almost a year. You can read about some of the new components and features here, but in short, we set out to create a more visually vibrant, editorially interesting, and modern website — and we think we have.

You can expect to see new content on the homepage almost every day, a weekly Ask the Expert column, interviews,  video, and more.

As with any redesign, we’ll be working out technological kinks for the next couple of weeks, probably, so please bear with us, and if you encounter any problems, feel free to email me directly at daniel (at)

We hope you enjoy the new…

Posted on March 2, 2009

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6 thoughts on “The New

  1. rcf2u

    Wow! What a nice surprise!! I had to double check to make sure I was at the right site! I visit your site on a regular basis and depend on the information you provide to help me teach various subjects at the Hillel where I work. There is always a vast amount of information at varying levels of complexity and I love getting lost in the articles as I dive deeper and deeper into the subject matters. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for our community. I look forward to exploring the new format and expanded components now available at
    Yasher koach,
    Robyn Fisher

  2. dburkeman

    The new design looks very nice, but I have to be honest I am finding it a little bit tricky to navigate in the way that I used to, where are the various levels in connection to holidays, for example?

  3. Daniel Septimus Post author

    Thanks for the comment. We will be reinserting the Guided Learning functionality in the next couple of weeks, so you’ll be able to browse by level that way, then.

    In general, though, the left-hand navigation will take you from beginner level to more in depth material — i.e. the top articles in a section will be the overviews, and as you drill down, the articles get more in depth and contain more detailed analysis.

  4. philosophress

    I was away from the site for a few months,and now that I have popped back I realize that my #1 favorite feature about this site, the guided learning, is missing. I see here that it was stated that it would be reinstated within a few weeks, however, that doesn’t seem to have happened as this was posted in March and it is now May…

    I have to say, this is extremely dissapointing, as the guided learnings where essentially the only reason I visited the site. There isn’t anything of it’s same style that I have found elsewhere on the internet and I really enjoyed the format with a quiz for each section that would place you at the right level, etc..

    I hope that there has simply been a delay and that it is not gone for good…

  5. Daniel Septimus Post author

    Yes, just a delay. We will have Guided Learning and the quizzes back up within the next few months. A redesign is a major project, and some components have been particularly complicated.

    The good news: When we finally get these functions up and running, the quizzes will be better than ever.

    Thanks for your patience,

  6. annette

    In response to a flyer I received in the mail I went to the web site. I am interested in the free guided learning mini courses. As I read other responses I realize that the statement they would arive within a few months, was posted last year! Will they actually arrive?

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