Your Holocaust Jokes Aren’t Funny

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Most people can’t get away with making Holocaust jokes. And when I say “most people” I include the Prime Minister of Italy. I hate to bring up the Holocaust in my response, but the last time a leader of a European country went public badmouthing Jews…it didn’t go well for the Jews. Or, ultimately, for the leader.

So, hey, Silvio Berlusconi, don’t quit your day job. Actually, maybe do. Also, stop with the non-funny Holocaust jokes.

According to the NY Times blog The Lede:

In the excerpt from the video embedded below [I can't embed the video myself--you'll have to follow the link to see it], the Italian leader can be heard telling a joke about a Jew who admits that “during the time of the death camps” he agreed to hide another Jew in his cellar but forced him to pay more than $4,000 a day because “we are Jews.” The joke’s punch line, such as it is, involves the man asking his family if he should finally admit to the man in his cellar that Hitler is dead and the war is over.

Posted on October 4, 2010

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2 thoughts on “Your Holocaust Jokes Aren’t Funny

  1. Mikhail Drabkin

    Actually, it is a funny joke from a funny man. WHy is it not a funny joke to you Tamar?

    What is not funny, is that we Jews think that there were no jokes in the concentration camps, ghettos, or other places associated with the Holocaust. As if we Jews lost, or could lose, our wits. let us stop being crypto-alive: we are so used to trump the anti-semtism card that when it really matters – we won’t now.

    My father Julius Drabkin survived the Latvian and Polish KZ camps and Riga Ghetto and was liberated on March 14, 1944 be the Soviet Army. He told me the following joke:
    Two men are in line to the pit to get shot. The next in line tells the one in front of him – ..Izik, don’t drag your feet – it si going to be schlecter otherwise…” For those of you who do not know – “schelcter” means “worse”

    And if you pretend that you do not get it… what could be worse than being shot…

    Become real, drop the cabbala – it makes you warped and more meshuga than you hear from your loved ones…

  2. RJ

    It’s not a Holocaust joke, but a joke playing on the tired stereotype that Jews are greedy. And no, it’s not funny because of the “forced him to pay more than $4,000 a day because “we are Jews.”” That’s the problem with the joke. Otherwise it’s similar to other jokes which are darkly humourous.

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