Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Scholar and leader known for his prolific writing and intellectual integrity.

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The accusation of intellectual thievery was nothing if not ironic. In the words of his London Times obituary, Jacobs was a "widely esteemed scholar whose career was abruptly derailed by the Chief Rabbinate...He was utterly his own man, a figure of towering intellect and incorruptible integrity."

Louis Jacobs' legacy is the idea of Judaism as a sincere intellectual quest for the "Torah that speaks to our age."

It is not just that to seek is to find. Rather, in seeking the many-splendoured thing that is Judaism one has already found it because one is engaged in the process. I have sometimes yielded to the temptation, when challenged that my views are ambiguous, to declare that it is better to be vaguely right than definitely wrong.

- Louis Jacobs, We Have Reason To Believe (4th edition)

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Matt Plen

Matt Plen is the Chief Executive of Masorti Judaism in the UK. He has taught and trained educators in diverse institutions in Israel, the UK and the USA and is currently researching his doctorate on Critical Pedagogy and Jewish Ideologies of Social Justice.