The Free Will Problem: Modern Solutions

Modern thinkers have addressed the free will problem by questioning the authority of science, acknowledging the limits of freedom, and asserting the transcendent importance of choice.

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In other words, he sees the free will problem as a question of focus. We can shirk our responsibility and pretend not to be able to make choices, to be living a predetermined life. But once we correct our attitude and emphasize the possibilities in front of us, the idea that we do not choose them simply loses its hold. The problem of free will fails to get a footing, and we are confronted by the awesome imperative of choice and our profound ability to change.

The Problem of Freedom is Eternal

Modern Jewish thinkers have made contributions from a host of different angles, but the problem of free will has never given philosophers rest. Perhaps this is not only necessary, but desirable. If we are to properly and responsibly live our lives, freedom is something we must forever be struggling with, remembering, and acting upon.

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Elie Jesner

Elie Jesner lives and writes in London. He has studied Talmud, Jewish Thought, and General Philosophy at Yeshivat Har Etzion, Cambridge University, and the University of Warwick.