Ask the Expert: Why do some people write three letters on the top corner of their notes?

What do those three letters stand for?

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websites, and you may sometimes find the letters BS"D or B"H on English documents when a Hebrew font is not available. In Jewish communities all over the world you can find store signs and advertisements with a little shout out to God in the top right hand corner.

You may find that if you are speaking with an observant Jew and you ask her how she's doing, she'll preface her answer with the words, "Thank God" or perhaps the Hebrew, "Baruch Hashem." This is a similar concept, making sure to credit God or thank God for the ability to answer a question as simple as "How are you?" 

If you pay attention you may find these "thank God" moments all the time. For instance, when I trip while lugging my groceries home and end up faceplanting in the middle of the sidewalk I try to say "Thank God!" Because you know, I could have faceplanted in the middle of the street, and that would have been way worse.

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