Genesis 41:1-44:17


In this Torah portion, Pharaoh has two dreams. His baker remembers Joseph from prison, and Pharaoh brings Joseph to interpret the dreams. Pharaoh is so impressed by Joseph that he makes him his advisor. There is a famine, and Jacob sends his sons, minus Benjamin, to Egypt to buy food. They do not recognize Joseph when they meet him. Joseph tests his brothers by accusing them of being spies. Joseph arrests Simeon and demands the brothers bring Benjamin to Egypt to prove they are not spies. When Benjamin arrives, Joseph puts a goblet in Benjamin’s bag and accuses him of stealing it.

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As a test, Joseph accuses Benjamin of stealing a goblet.


Text Studies

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Rabbi Lisa Goldstein, Hillel

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Adina Gerver, AJWS

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Rabbi Neal J. Loevinger, KOLEL

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Two Kinds of Intelligence
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Parashat Miketz for Families
Torah Topics for Today

Torah Topics for Today

Moving Beyond Denial
Torah Topics for Today


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