European Jewry


The Jewish community of France is one of the oldest in the Diaspora.


The land where Hitler once ruled has a burgeoning Jewish community.

Jews of Rome

Inside, and outside, the Ghetto.


The People of the Book on the Emerald Isle.

Fall of Communism

Jewish life flourishes both in and outside the former Soviet Union.

The Lost Tribes?


Piecing together legends and stories.

Women in Ethiopian Society

Women in the Beta Israel in Ethiopian society are mainly domestic and have strict purity laws.


A history of the Baghdadi Jews--who actually lived in India, not Baghdad.

Bene Israel

The oldest and largest of the three Jewish communities in India.

Cochin Jews

A small Jewish community in India.

North American Jewry

Israelis in America

"Home is nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

Russian Jews in America

The Radical Jewish Traveler at a retreat for Soviet Jewish immigrants, in San Francisco.


Canada's multicultural society has shaped its Jewish community.

Americans Love Jews, Really!

The Jewish community needs to gain some self-confidence.

Jewish American Life

An index of articles about American-Jewish history and culture.

Mizrahi Jews

Jews of the Middle East

Regardless of where Jews have lived most recently, all Jews have roots in the Middle East.

Iraqi Jews

The Iraqi Jewish Archive, as it became known, is both proud and pitiful.


A weekend with the head of Morocco's Jewish community.


Jewry under the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mizrahim in Israel

Jews from Arab lands are gaining more and more influence in Israeli society.