Jewish Learning
A Hassidic Jewish learning site, featuring audio lectures on parashat hashavua
Jewish lessons in audio format

About Judaism
The starting place for exploring Judaism, from your Guide.
Articles, resources, chats, forums, and links focusing on Jewish religion
and culture.

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
Links to more than 400 online Jewish learning resources
Jewish learning from an Orthodox perspective
A searchable database of audio talks from Aish HaTorah’s Voices From Jerusalem collection

Aliyos Shmuel
An introductory yeshiva, designed to opens the doors of a traditional yeshiva to beginners

An ask the experts website with rabbis and other educators working 24-hour a day, 6-days a week to respond immediately to questions about Judaism
A site for students of all ages to learn about the Noahide Laws
Information about Judaism and resources for planning a bar/bat mitzvah

The Being Jewish Web Site
An Orthodox website of Jewish learning

Binyan HaOlam
The Torah Resources of Rabbi Tzadok Cable

A Reform Jewish learning website

Brandeis Collegiate Institute
A 26-day exploration of oneself and Judaism for young Jews (ages 18-26) in which participants engage with the arts, nature, and Jewish learning as a means to define who they are and what they envision for their own adult Jewish lives

Center for Cultural Judaism
Where cultural, secular, non-religious, and humanistic Jews affirm and explore their historical Jewish roots and their modern Jewish identity – Torah, Judaism and Jewish Info
A website of Jewish learning produced by Chabad

Teachings about Hasidism

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation
Offers methods of promoting the Torah’s wisdom on human relations and personal development

Classic Sinai
Offers a wide variety of Jewish learning resources in convenient downloadable files

A website of Jewish information from a Reform perspective

Congress Of Secular Jewish Organizations
Composed of independent organizations whose unity of purpose is a secular expression of our Jewish heritage, with particular emphasis on the cultural and ethical precepts of Jewish learning

Cypess: The Electronic Parsha Warehouse
A listing of links to commentaries on the weekly Torah reading

A Hebrew-language site featuring information on a number of Jewish topics

Daf Yomi
A resource for studying the daily page of Talmud
Offers downloadable clips of daily Halacha portions

Faith Streams
A website featuring faith-based resources available in video form

The Global Yeshiva
Devoted to creating a warm and friendly yet serious place for people of all levels to share and discuss Torah and Orthodox Judaism

The History of the Jewish People
A website of Jewish history

Internet Hagada
A website that offers printable Passover Hagadas

Israel Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of Israel

Aims to create a paradigm shift in Jewish education and affect communal change by communicating the soul meaning of Jewish tradition and the joy in Jewish life

Links to Jewish educational web resources

Jewish Agency: The Department for Jewish Zionist Education
An educational resources on Zionism

Jewish Agency: Jewish Education and Identity
More Jewish educational resources from the Jewish Agency

Jewish America
A Jewish learning resource
A resource for Jewish business ethics
Online version of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906

Jewish Funerals, Burial, and Mourning
Comprehensive resource for information on Jewish death and mourning practices

Jewish Gateway
Provide a library of essays, sacred texts, and audio and video excerpts

Jewish Holiday Online
Contains information about Jewish holidays

Jewish Interactive Studies
Offers online courses on a number of Jewish topics

Jewish Law
Articles on Jewish law and its application to contemporary issues, from an Orthodox perspective

Jewish Learning Experience
Provides free educational & experiential programs

Jewish Learning Institute
A Jewish learning program organized by Chabad-Lubavitch

The Jewish Learning Portal
Online classes on Jewish topics

Jewish Path
The "cyberspace super highway to Jewish learning"

Jewish Student Information Center
Resource centers for students studying and traveling Israel

Jewish Virtual Library
Documents and articles on a wide range of Jewish topics was started by David Hillel Rosmarin in 2001 to promote empirical research on Judaism and psychology

Judaism 101
A comprehensive website of Jewish information

The Kibbutz Institute for Jewish Festivals & Holidays
A collection of holiday materials and original concepts that have been tried and proven, using kibbutz communities as their testing ground

Limmud NY
An annual Jewish learning conference which brings together Jews from all walks of life, all Jewish backgrounds, all lifestyles, and all ages
Online Jewish text study

Medieval Hebrew Poetry
A website devoted to Hebrew poetry from the fourth through the eighteenth century, with English translations of the poems and information about the poets themselves.
Online learning and discussion about a broad range of Jewish topics
Home of the World Wide Mezuzah Campaign

"Jewish textual activism" which aims to use text study as a means to social change

Moving Traditions
Seeks to inspire people to draw on Judaism at key lifecycle moments and stages – such as birth, adolescence, marriage, parenting, aging, and death

Mussar Institute
Provide people with ideas and practical tools deriving from the Mussar tradition in Judaism

National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL)
Dedicated to building a Jewish life that is spiritually vibrant and engaged with the intellectual and ethical challenges of the wider world

Ner LeElef
Aims to infuse Jewish communities worldwide with qualified and talented leaders who possess a deep passion for Judaism, have the ability to effectively transmit this love to others, and have a serious commitment to galvanize Jewish life and continuity on a global scale
A site devoted to the Seven Laws of Noah

Partners in Torah
Provides men and women who have an interest in Jewish study – but may lack the self-motivation or academic background – with their own personal Torah trainer
A website which provides and sells resources on Jewish history, Jewish learning, and Torah

Shema Yisrael Torah Network
Wide ranging text studies and articles on Jewish issues

Shulchan Aruch Learning Project
Provides online courses in halacha

Sichos in English
A variety of lessons from a Lubavitch perspective
Features articles and audio on Jewish basics

Tachash World
Offers Torah and Talmud-related resources

Talmud Revadim
The site for study of the oral tradition and its literature

Torah Aura Productions
An online resource for all things related to Jewish learning

Torah in Motion
Torah in Motion explores the intellectual richness and great diversity of traditional Judaism

 Torah Lab
Outstanding programs ideal for school curriculum and home study are being developed by the TorahLab team
A portal to Jewish learning websites
Multilingual Jewish learning resource
Project Genesis, an Orthodox Jewish learning resource

The Virtual Beit Midrash
A collection of online learning courses offered by Yeshivat Har Etzion

An online, interactive yeshiva

Worild ORT
Ana international educational and training organization

The Yad Yaakov Fund
Creates programs which explore classical Jewish sources and their relevancy to modern Jewish life

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