The Jewish God

A philosophical concept, and a personal God.

Free Will

If humans are responsible for their actions, they must have the ability to choose right from wrong.

When Bad Things Happen

Suffering and evil in Judaism.

Kabbalah and Mysticism

Though Kabbalah has become popular among American celebrities, it was originally an esoteric and secretive discipline.

Afterlife & Messiah

Can we hope for a better, more perfect existence--either after we die or in some future time?


Gender & Feminism

Judaism still wrestles with a history of excluding women.

Jews & Non-Jews

Some surprising attitudes.

Jewish Ethnic Diversity

The true melting pot.

The Chosen People?

The idea that the Jews have a special relationship with God is ubiquitous in Jewish sources.

Jewish Legal Status

Who determines who is a Jew?

The Natural World


Jewish thinkers consider issues like euthanasia, abortion, and organ donation.

Magic & the Supernatural

Do you believe in magic? Throughout history, many Jews have.

Judaism & Science

Two different sources of truth.

Nature & the Environment

Ancient texts can influence contemporary green issues.

Suffering & Conservation

A Jewish perspective on animal suffering and conservation.

Philosophy & Politics

War & Peace

Judaism has a complicated relationship with war.

Jewish Philosophy

Many rabbis and thinkers devoted their lives to defining what Judaism meant to them, and what it should mean to others.

Principles of Faith

Maimonides' theological principles were never unanimously embraced.

Peace & Nonviolence

In Judaism, peace is not only the opposite of war, it is an ideal state of affairs.


Various movements within Judaism have been viewed heretical by those who disagreed with them.