War & Peace

War of Independence

Establishing a new nation and defending itself.

Six-Day War

Provoked by an Egyptian military buildup, Israel fights back.

Camp David Accords

An examination of the causes and consequences of the Camp David Accords.

Oslo Accords

Israel and the Palestinians pursue peace.

Disengagement from Gaza

The history and politics of the decision to disengage.


Theodor Herzl

The foremost leader of Political Zionism.

Henrietta Szold

The Hadassah founder was also a scholar and spearheaded the Youth Aliyah of the 1930s.

David Ben Gurion

The first prime minister of the Jewish state.

Golda Meir

Israel's first and only female prime minister.

Yitzhak Rabin

A man of war and a man of peace.

Exciting Headlines

Eichmann Trial

Discussion of the Holocaust enters the public realm.

Operation Entebbe

The 1976 rescue of the hostages of Air France Flight 139.

Ilan Ramon

The first Israeli astronaut.

Goldstone Report

A controversial report on the 2008 Gaza War.


The impact the organization has had on Israeli tourism and Jews in the diaspora.

Contemporary Issues

Law of Return

An immigration policy to ensure a Jewish majority in the State of Israel.

The Territories

An overview of Israel's relationship to the Sinai, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights.

Relations With Jordan

Israel and Jordan enjoy a lukewarm peace.

Israeli-Palestinian Relations

The ongoing struggle and the Middle East peace process.