Mizrahim in Israel

Jews from Arab lands are gaining influence in Israeli society.

Russians in Israel

Aliyah from the Former Soviet Union since 1989.

The Palestinians

An examination of the geography, history, and politics of Palestinian identity.

The Bedouin

Israeli Bedouin have an ambiguous relationship with the state.

Ethiopians in Israel

Ancient traditions in a new Jewish State.


Israeli-Palestinian Relations

The ongoing struggle and the Middle East peace process.


A brief history of the role of Jerusalem in the peace process.

Refusal to Serve

"Sarbanut" in a Jewish-Democratic State.

Civil Marriage

For many Israelis, religious politics and identity issues disrupt the pursuit of holy matrimony.

Elections, Israeli Style

They're colorful. They're intense. They're like a carnival. They're democratic.



You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home.

Kufta Kebab

Grilled lamb skewers with deep roots in the Middle East.

Jerusalem: A Cookbook

This new cookbook features new takes on Jewish and Arab Middle Eastern classics.


A crunchy Israeli classic.

Israeli Halvah

The most ancient of desserts.


Israeli Movies

Filmmakers find a uniquely Israeli voice.

Israeli Art and Judaica

Check out our online store full of art and Judaica straight from Israel.

Israeli Television

A history of a nation through the small screen.

Ethiopian-Israeli Pop Music

Ethiopian-inspired music has hit the big time in Israel.

Israeli Sports

Moving into the international arena.