Israeli-Palestinian Relations

The ongoing struggle and the Middle East peace process.

Law of Return

An immigration policy to ensure a Jewish majority in the State of Israel.


A minority in the Jewish state.

East Jerusalem

A plan for a controversial city?

Israel's Electoral System

How it developed and how it works.


The War of Independence

Establishing a new nation and defending itself.

Six-Day War

Provoked by an Egyptian military buildup, Israel fights back.

Yitzhak Rabin

A man of war and a man of peace.

National Anthem of Israel

The words in Hebrew and English.

David Ben Gurion

The first prime minister of the Jewish state.


S. Y. Agnon

Truth is sometimes indistinguishable from fiction.

Hava Nagila

The unlikely history of a Hasidic melody.


About Israel's signature food--plus, a recipe.

Israeli Food

The emergence of a national cuisine.


Theodor Herzl

The foremost leader of Political Zionism.

Israeli Flag

The symbol of the Jewish State.

Religious Zionism

Religious Zionists believe that the Jewish return to Israel hastens the Messiah.

Questioning Zionism

Since the beginning of modern Zionism, some Jews have stood in opposition to it.

A History of Zionism

This classic text by Walter Laqueur offers a comprehensive history of Zionism.